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Flash Add-on Kit BR

$ 199.99

This add-on kit is an upgrade and requires a Pro Kit to work.
NOTE: This Add-on Kit is currently being sold with our blue covers.

All Add on products/kits supplement a Pro Kit you already have.  They are fully compatible with parts you already own, such as front & rear glass, accessories, etc, and add the parts you need for the desired addition, such as data, tripod, pistol grip, etc.

The Flash Add on Kit contains the following products:

- Cover F with attached flash space for most flash products

- Flash Kit (lens + glove)

The Cover F (with Flash space) has room for an attached (hotshot) standard size flash. The flash space accommodates most brand flash products.

Flash Add-on Kit BR Side View

It’s just a matter of time when you’ll need more light when you’re underwater and we have the perfect solution for you. The flash cover allows you to mount a flash onto your camera and use it underwater without any fears of the water damaging your gear. Save on baggage fee's when compared to competitive hard cases that store in large, heavy, and bulky cases.

 Here are some example videos from our Outex YouTube Channel:

Flash Add-on Kit BR Front View
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