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Waterproof Camera Housing Outex Phone Dome Kit

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Phone Dome Kit

$ 349.00

Product Description:

The phone dome kit includes the phone cover + an optical glass dome 120mm, and it is the perfect waterproof phone case solution. The universal cover fits most/all phone brands, makes, models. And the dome is ideal for underwater photography, specially for split-level (half over/half under photos). The dome enhances your underwater imaging because it corrects color and light aberrations that occurs as light changes speed above and below water. Use keyword search on our website for additional information on the use of domes - specially the Questions and Community page.

Product Details

  • Universal phone cover/case - patented, tactile-rich design accommodates multiple phone brands, makes, models.
  • Optical glass 120mm dome lens port for professional performance significantly increases phone case float 
  • Wrist lanyard

What's included in the kit:

  • Phone cover/case 
  • Optical glass 120mm dome lens port
  • Dome lens neoprene protective case
  • Wrist lanyard

Installation Videos:




Case Dimensions:

Outex waterproof phone case dimensions 1

Outex waterproof phone case dimensions 2


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