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Outex underwater camera housings give outdoor photographers of any skill level the creative freedom to shoot wherever they want.

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The best camera is the one you have with you.

One Size Fits All.

Outex Underwater Camera Housings Work with all Camera Makes and Models

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Ambassadors using Outex

Meet some of the people, professionals, photographers, cinematographers, armed- forces specialists, and artists using the Outex underwater housing system and pushing the envelope of what’s possible in image capture around the globe.

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Customer Reviews

Outex lets me do things I can literally not do with any other housing. I was introduced to Outex by another Nikon ambassador, Corey Rich, and it was the only solution for my Pro-Res output RAW video Z6 connected to an Atomos Ninja V using the Pro Kit and Optical Glass Dome port.
Lucas Gilman Sports, Adventure, Commercial, Cinematography Apple & Nikon Ambassador Outex Pro Kit + Outex Dome Kit + Tethering Kit
Outex has changed my workflow for the better. I can use multiple cameras and lenses with the same housing system depending on the settings and desired outcomes. The optical ports, lightweight, and full operational control is a game-changer.
Jessica Haydahl Outdoors, Fishing, Documentary, Filmmaker Sony + Nikon Outex Pro Kit + Outex Dome Kit + Pistol Grip Kit
The Outex system gave me the portability, flexibility, and ruggedness I need for my trips, which involve climbing, repelling, crawling, and drudging thru dirt, sand, and even water. I’ve been using Outex products since 2013 and there’s nothing like it. I love it.
Chris Higgins Caving, Search & Rescue Sony + Canon Outex Pro Kit
Most of my work, both professional and personal is outdoors, and Outex has been a phenomenal tool for me. I can take it anywhere without adding a load to my backpack and travel gear. From guided tours in the Arctic on a snowmobile, or whale watching on a water dingy, I can travel by kayak, bicycle, or on foot and use different cameras and lenses that fit my immediate need. I’m often referring it to my clients.
Ben Hagar Polar Bear Tour Guide, Cycling, Surfing Canon + Olympus Outex Pro Kit + Dome Kit
I’ve used all kinds of housings during my career, from scuba gear housings to plastic bags. Outex combines the best of both worlds. Scuba housings are great for scuba diving. But they’re heavy, bulky, and expensive. And they’re not versatile at all. I can’t use a surf housing for diving, and I’d struggle to use either on a kayak or fishing. Outex combines the professional performance of a dedicated housing with the versatility and affordability I require. Its universal design allows me to use different lenses and cameras for different jobs, and I can access and change all of my functional settings on the fly without having to remove it from the waterproof case. It’s a no-brainer.
Ben Lowy Photojournalist, Commercial Photographer Sony Ambassador & B&H Photo Spokesperson Outex Pro Kit
I have found Outex to be the most affordable option for jumping into underwater photography without spending thousands of dollars. It gives you top-quality photos while protecting your gear from water, dust, rain, mud, sand, etc. It’s lightweight, easy to travel, and essentially fits in your pocket. The modular design is a one size fits all solution with various options for lenses, flash, tripods, remotes, tethering, etc.
Sarah Lee Surf and Lifestyle Photographer Canon Outex Pro Kit + Dome Kit
The Outex housing is a perfect way to get started with underwater photography. It’s not crazy expensive and a lot more reliable than most if not all options. It has its quirks but it’s well worth it.
Jason Vinson Wedding, A Top 100 Photographers, F-Stoppers Correspondent
Outex literally lets me do things I would not otherwise be able to do. As an outdoor photographer, travel-friendliness is key. But I need top-notch results that exceed client’s expectations in multiple, ever-changing environments. Outex makes it easy to go on-location, while knowing that I’ll have what I need since I can change cameras, lenses, and any of my settings on the fly.
Daniel Woods Award Winning Outdoor Photographer Wedding, Documentary
Underwater photography is a whole new, fantastic world to be discovered. And Outex opened that door for me, propelling my career in brand new ways I never envisioned. After shooting for a Television soap-opera underwater, there was an insatiable appetite by customers to be part of this magical, weightless, colorful underwater world. By trail-blazing that space in my market I was able to develop new customers, new markets, and teaching opportunities in multiple countries like Brazil, Italy, Portugal, France, and the United States. I love Outex and the flexibility and capabilities it affords me and my work. And I always recommend it.
Carla Durante Photographer, Teacher, Lecturer Celebrity, TV, Baby, Mother, Portrait Photography

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