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Having pioneered 2 unique eco-tourism businesses where he turned adventure tours into epic photo sessions for eco-tourists in sea caves by Kayak in La Jolla and canyoneering in the Colorado River, he has honed the as-it-happens-adventure-photography-craft. From this experience, he has also learned how to use cameras where cameras should not go. 

Always looking to push the envelope with lighting and creativity, he has innovated the use of underwater artificial lights in pools and in nature. If it’s gnarley, involves water, and is challenging, it’s for Daniel. Daniel is based now in Phoenix and is full time with creative underwater & adventure projects, personal branding photo & video for high-level entrepreneurs, and being a husband and father to his wife and two young boys.



Sony and Inspire Media showcasing their work with Outex's tethering solution (Cable Adaptors) for underwater photography at their underwater fashion pool photoshoot.


Daniel Woods Visuals relies on Outex waterproof housing system for tethering underwater digital imaging

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