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Outex Selected by Lucas Gilman, Nikon, Atomos, and Apple as the Best Underwater Housing Solution to Debut RAW Video Solution


When Nikon, Atomos, and Apple partnered up to showcase the first-ever consumer solution for RAW video output for the consumer market, they wanted to make a statement. So, they asked renowned adventure photographer Lucas Gilman, to create a showcase piece that highlights this milestone in memorable ways.  Lucas used the Nikon Z mirrorless cameras, 14-30mm f/4, 24-70mm f/2.8 lenses, combined with an Atomos Ninja V recorder, outputting ProRes RAW video. This powerful combination delivers cinematic quality results and unbound creativity in the post-editing process—and is a real breakthrough in the camera and video markets.  

When it comes to underwater photography and cinematography Lucas quickly realized Outex may be not only the best solution, but the only solution available in the market. The video above shows the behind the scenes in the making of "Passages; Seeing the Unseen", the result of Luca's exploration, particularly the underwater cinematography process using the Outex Pro Kit (large) and the dome and flat glass ports for image capture.


Handheld Capture of Shot - "Passages; Seeing the Unseen"


NAB 2019 Show Announcement

Lucas Gilman at Atomos booth for the NAB 2019 Pro Res Announcement






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