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Carla Durante Underwater Photography Workshops

Carla Durante Underwater Photography Video Tutorial

$ 299.00

Carla Durante Underwater Photography Workshop

$ 900.00

Carla Durante Underwater Photography Workshop

What to expect
  • Theory & Hands-on Underwater Shoot (Technical & Artistic)
  • Heated swimming pool with ideal size & depth
  • Small class size - attention to each student
  • Models with ideal underwater wardrobe and makeup
Class benefits
  • Professional tutoring on all aspects of underwater portraiture techniques; theory and practice
  • Pre and post-production 
  • Practice and experience so you can do your own work and start building your know-how and portfolio
What to bring:
  • Camera + Lens you wish to use
  • Underwater Housing you wish to use*
  • Dive belt
  • Joy & Enthusiasm

 To learn more about Carla Durante and her classes, please find her online: 


Website and classes - Brazil


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