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Cover Replacement (Cover only)

$ 99.99

Front Glass

$ 99.99

Rear Glass

$ 149.99

Dome Lens Glass (Clamp and Adaptor NOT included)

$ 349.00

Dome Lens Clamp

$ 69.00

Dome Lens Adaptor

$ 69.00

Straps and Strap Parts

$ 14.99

Step Up Ring

$ 19.99

Maintenance and Care

$ 9.99

Misc. Parts

$ 9.99


$ 19.99

Gift Card

$ 25.00

95mm Front Port Adaptor for external Polarizer or Filter

$ 49.99

"Exposed Threads" Front Glass

$ 99.99

The Outex Underwater Camera Housing is more than a product you buy once for your Mirrorless or DSLR camera. Its modularity allows you to upgrade and replace parts throughout the years. Shop our Add-ons for complete upgrade kits or shop our parts for misc accessories. Elevate your Photography.

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