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  • Deliver professional content results
  • Universal design that fits all cameras and lenses makes & models
  • Universal, modular design that fits all cameras and lenses
  • Modular design grows with your needs for lighting, tripods, pistol grips, tethering, etc.
  • Affordable to purchase and upgrade over time

Our large community of users thrives by sharing content, experiences, learnings, and ideas. We're always looking to add to our community of ambassadors and evangelists, from award-winning professionals to self-taught enthusiasts.

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Ambassador Program

Every one of our professional and community ambassadors began as customers, from Sarah Lee and Chris Burkard to members of the FBI and the Armed Forces. Every single one of our collaborations grew out of a genuine interest in pushing the creative envelope and doing the impossible. We represent our community in two categories:

Pro Ambassadors

Established professionals with large audiences and/or bodies of work, constantly publishing their work, teaching classes or workshops and sharing their knowledge at industry events.

Community Ambassadors

Up-and-coming professionals and enthusiasts interested in growing their knowledge, influence, and experiences, participating in industry events and expanding their network and presence.

Become an Ambassador

Join us and actively engage with #Outex and @realoutex on social media to start. We collaborate with our ambassadors in numerous ways, from speaking engagements to sponsorships at specific events. Let us know how we can mutually benefit from specific ideas or projects.


Join our community

We don't pay for placement. We instead foster engaging, relevant, educational, entertaining content thru genuine relationships with folks that want to be contributors to the Outex Community conversation. So there's no application process, or specific rules. You can start creating w/ your Outex gear as you see fit, and tag/notify us so we can track, react, and assist in promoting your work and your story. Looking forward to seeing you online.

What we're looking for

  • Tag #Outex @realOutex on social media(Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • Create unique and engaging content frequently(videos, reviews, articles, and endorsements onsocial media)
  • Educational and engaging behind the scenesfeature content

What we offer

  • Access to insider underwater photographytechnology, tips & tricks
  • Showcasing your work to our audiences
  • Collaboration opportunities (panels, workshops,speaking engagements)
  • Special gifts and discounts with purchase
  • Custom business development programs
  • Product development participation, pre-productiontesting, etc.


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