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Outdoor Photography Series

Expand your outdoor photography skills!

This web series of interviews covers all things outdoor photography. Award-winners, experts, and enthusiast photographers discuss tips, tricks, how-tos, and their professional experiences in topics including fashion, trash-the-dress, fishing, caving, surfing, cycling, commercial, underwater portraits, environmental film making, rain shoot, Alaska and Antarctic/polar bear tours, aviation, and many more. As seen on @realOutex and #Outex Live.

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Topics include:

  • Fishing: Jessica Haydahl
  • Cycling: Brian Hodes
  • Surfing: Matt Paul Catalano
  • Underwater Portraits: Carla Durante
  • Environmental Cinematography: Michael Snyder
  • Commercial: Joao Carlos
  • Polar Bear Tours in Antarctica: Ben Haggar
  • Aviation: Jim Koepnick
  • Alaska Tours: Dan M Lee
  • Events, Performances, Shows: Tomasz Rossa
  • Sports Photography: Bryan Keane
  • Kayaking: Gabe DeWitt
  • The Rain Shoot: Daniel Woods
  • Fashion: Jvdas Berra
  • Mountain Lifestyle: Christian Pondella
  • Pets: Joel Rushworth
  • Mermaids: Kristina Sherk
  • Fashion: Andy Broadbent
  • Ocean: Cristiano Burmester
  • Kitesurfing: Jake Kelsick
  • Canyoning: Gus Schiavon
  • Surfing: Michael Clark
  • Wakeboarding, Waterskiing: Marc Weiler
  • Adventure Racing: Ale Socci
  • Holi Festival: Alex Gendron
  • Free Diving:  Alex Voyer
  • Sports Photography: Olivier Morin
  • Caving: Chris Higgins
  • Photojournalism: Ben Lowy


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