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6 Unique Gifts Swimmers Will Love

Looking for unforgettable gifts for a swimmer you know? They'll love these.

Struggling to find the perfect present for your favorite underwater enthusiast?

As water lovers ourselves, we’ve created an easy list of the top, most popular gifts for swimmers. Whether you're celebrating a hard-earned medal, rewarding their time training at the pool, or simply wanting to make them smile, this list is an easy reference if you aren’t sure where to start.

Without further ado, grab your goggles and get ready to dive right into discovery as we count down our favorite list of must-have items for swimmers. 

Top 6 Best Gifts for Swimmers

  1. Outex Phone Pro Kit
  2. Delphin 2.0 Waterproof Audio Player
  3. Triggerpoint GRID Multidensity Foam Roller
  4. Catalonia Surf Poncho
  5. Swim Ears Plugs
  6. Swimbuds Ampyx Goggles


Outex Phone Pro Kit

Originally designed for professional camera photography, the Outex waterproof phone case delivers stunning underwater images and video from any smartphone. It's faster, easier, and cheaper than an action cam (GoPro) because it works with the phones you have - no apps or downloads. It installs in seconds, and lets you edit or share your footage instantly - even wirelessly thru the cover. Coaches can instantly review and clearly communicate back with stroke technique, starts, or turns advice that will help achieve competitive goals faster. And when it's time to decompress, the Outex phone case lets take your content creation to the next level. Whether it's downtime family time on the beach, boating, or at the lake, the compact, lightweight design packs anywhere you go.

Outex underwater phone case Top Gifts for Swimmers



  • Optical glass lens ports create professional-level underwater photos.
  • A better price point and easier to use than most action-cams.
  • Universal phone compatibility for most makes and models, including all iPhone and iPhone Max models, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and more.
  • Lightweight, compact design packs anywhere you go.
  • Allows for full functional control of your phone, including the touchscreen.
  • Easily pairs with other photo equipment, like tripods, lights, and selfie sticks.

Get It Here: $ 149.00 USD


Delphin 2.0 Waterproof Audio Player

Underwater Audio Delphin Waterproof Audio Player

Swimmers come to the pool to relax, learn, and work on themselves. It’s difficult to focus when there are so many distractions floating around, even their own thoughts and doubts.

Shut out the noise with Underwater Audio’s latest and greatest in swimmer tech: the Delphin 2.0. 

Delphin 2.0 is a waterproof streaming audio device designed with swimmers in mind, solving the long-standing problem of being the only form of exercise where you can’t listen to music. The Delphin 2.0 supports the most popular audio streaming apps including Audible, Spotify, Apple Music and Libby.  Listen to your playlists, audiobooks, or podcasts, all with the touch of a button. 

With a 12-hour battery life, most swimmers will only need to charge it once a week. Additionally, it tracks critical swimmer data such as lap times for an accurate workout summary. Swimmers can get in the zone with zero interruptions, static or lag. Just great audio and worry-free workout tracking.


  • Natively supports a wide range of audio streaming apps, including Audible, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Libby, and more.
  • Clean-cut sound quality.
  • 12-hour battery life. 
  • Built-in activity tracker that captures crucial swim data, such as lap times and comprehensive swim statistics.
  • Waterproof earbuds designed to be airtight. 

Get It Here: $ 220.00 USD


Triggerpoint GRID Multidensity Foam Roller

Swimming is a powerful low-impact form of exercise because it engages many critical areas of the body, especially your muscles. As healthy as a day at the pool can be, it's important to practice caution and avoid overexerting yourself to prevent the risk of muscle cramps. But, even the most well-versed swimmer has pulled something here or there, especially if they forget to stretch before jumping in.

To massage and stretch muscles for better performance at the pool, the Triggerpoint Multidensity Foam Roller is sturdy, compact, and effective. The smart design and hollow core is the perfect tool to quickly heal injuries and steadily improve muscle health over time. Using a roller to stretch, relieve muscle pain and improve circulation prevents the likelihood of future injuries as well. 

Triggerpoint GRID Multidensity Foam Roller picture from Top Gifts for Swimmers



  • Recommended by coaches, physical therapists, and athletic trainers
  • Easy to use, ergonomic design. 
  • Built to last a swimmer’s lifetime.
  • Regular use encourages better circulation, bodily strength, and lowers the chances of accidental injury.
  • Improves oxygen flow and encourages faster recovery.

Get It Here: $ 36.99 USD


Catalonia Surf Poncho

Not every swimmer is a fan of wrapping up in a towel and shivering while they wait to dry off. The Catalonia Surf Poncho is a hooded microfiber towel designed for water athletes in professions such as surfing and open water competition, where they’re constantly changing in and out of their wetsuits. It fits loosely, comfortably, and quickly absorbs water — no more constantly re-tying your towel around your waist when the wind blows. Plus, you don’t have to get it in grey — there are many color options to choose from. 

Catalonia Surf Poncho for Top Gift for Swimmers List


  • Made from thick, ultra-absorbent material for fast drying. 
  • Hooded and sleeved with a loose fit, making it as comfy as a blanket and as useful as a towel.
  • One size fits most, completely unisex. 
  • Easy to express your style thanks to its many patterns and colors. 

Get It Here: $ 50.99 USD

There’s much to fall in love with about swimming, but the heavy scent of chlorine wafting from the pool is certainly not one of them. Make all the swimmers in your life laugh with this hilariously clever candle by The Luna Gift Co. 

Made by hand, this candle will be a quickly beloved gift because of the love, care, and special “Opposite Of” scent that makes up every single jar. 


  • Lovingly poured and created by a small business. 
  • Comes in a glass jar, complete with the cheeky “Opposite Of” label.
  • Made from 100% natural soy wax– no toxic chemicals or dyes to be found here.
  • Shipped and made in the US. 
  • Available in a wide variety of scents– pick your favorite!

Get It Here: $ 36.99 USD


Swim Ears Ear Plugs

Designed for swimmers. SwimEars earplugs protect your ears without affecting hearing and balance. SwimEars comes with changeable gels in sizes x-small to large that allows you to customise them to your ears, in order to find a comfortable and secure fit.

Swim Ears for Swimmers Top Gifts List


  • Earplugs are the best defense against ear infections and Swimmer's Ear.
  • All regular swimmer's should have earplugs as an essential part of their swimming equipment.
  • SwimEars are the most effective and durable swimming earplugs on the market.

Get It Here: $ 59 USD


Swimbuds Ampyx Goggles

When a swimmer goes pro, they need only the best in swim goggles. Maintenance can be a lot of work, constantly having to readjust the straps, finding the right eye gaskets, and spraying down the lenses with anti-fog spray before each session. 

Say goodbye to the challenges of searching for the perfect pair with Underwater Audio's Ampyx goggles. This incredible set effortlessly combines exceptional features at a budget-friendly price. Highly rated by professional and casual swimmers alike, the Ampyx goggles offer all the quality and vision your favorite swimmer deserves. 

Swimbuds Ampyx Goggles picture for Swimmers Top Gift List


  • Durable, comfortable split-strap head-straps.
  • 100% Anti-fog and anti-UV ray lenses.
  • Lenses designed with a 180-degree field of view.
  • Silicone, migraine-free eye gaskets.
  • Lower price point in comparison to other high-grade swimming goggles.


Get It Here: $ 18.00 USD



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