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Big Wave Nelscott Reef Pro Event Taking Shape w/ Epic Lineup in Portland Oregon

Outex sponsoring Big Wave Event Nelscott Reef Pro Surf event
Nelscott reef was first discovered in 2005 by John Forse and Craig Spujt. Since then it has emerged as the most advanced surf spot in Oregon bringing chargers from all over the world to test its might. 
In 2022 we are expecting our most epic lineup of surfers yet, with a top water-safety team and a larger presence by staff, spectators, participants, and sponsors. We also plan a full live webcast. 
Outex waterproof housing sponsors Nelscott Reef Pro Big Wave event
Nelscott Reef Breaks about 3/4 mile offshore in Lincoln City, Oregon.  Surf is usually biggest during the winter months. This surf spot is relatively empty most of the time due to difficulty of access, and we work with the city to sanction the yearly event and share it with the rest of the world.
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