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Dodho Magazine features Ann Prochilo's work in 'This Is Water.'

“This project came about after my camera took a dive in a pool. I salvaged the camera, but lost the lens. In that moment, I realized I’d been tempting fate for too long – getting closer and closer to the water, moving faster, in not-always-ideal weather and circumstances. It was time to go all in. I purchased my Outex system and started swimming, making peace with water as my medium and muse.” Ann
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Dodho Magazine is an independent international magazine, born out from necessity and with the vocation to promote the work and projects of professional and emerging photographers from around the world.
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I am drawn to the discomfort and ten- sion that precede transition and emergence—that moment before surrendering to sleep, or surfacing from deep waters.

I am influenced by spending years in the HIV arena where I focused on hol- ding space for conflict and collabora- tion in service to creation and change. As a visual artist, I see my role as that of midwife and mediator, exploring the ‘in-between’ places and forces that sha- pe them. Family, memory, loss and re- conciliation are themes I use to explore dissonance as a tool for transformation. I believe in the power of creating spa- ce, inviting questions and critical thin- king. Living in an increasingly divided world, I want to make photographs that spark a universal experience of both the everyday and the momentous—images that ignite reflection of what is known, what is unknown and the fertile ground in between.


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This is Water is inspired by a commencement speech by the writer, David Foster Wallace. He shared the story of two fish swimming along who meet an older fish swimming in the opposite direction. The older fish asks “How’s the water, boys?”

The two young fish swim on until one of them suddenly stops and asks, “What the hell is water?”

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I love this parable and its reminder that while hard to see, essential things are all around us, hidden in plain sight. This project examines things above and be- low the surface, shifting mediums and bending light. In This is Water, I seek to transcend the reality of the subject to illuminate something of simple aware- ness and the elusive nature of truth.


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Since light travels more easily through air than through water, the surface of the water acts as a lens, altering the angle of light—displacing what is beneath the water from what is above. It is possible to correct for refraction with wide-angle lenses, dome ports and filters. I do not want to correct it or use digital compositing. I make all images in-camera, embracing the optical distortions in service to disruption, fragmentation, and illusion.


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About Ann Prochilo

Ann Prochilo (American, b. 1958) is a photographic artist based in Malta. Her narrative-driven photographs explore belonging, memory, and change.

Born into a large family in Port Jefferson, New York, Prochilo is the chronological middle-child of six. Her vision and voice are shaped by a boisterous hierarchy of birth order and gender, musical theatre and public service. She splits her time between San Francisco and Malta with her fiancé.

Prochilo received a BA from Indiana University where she pur- sued dual interests in fine arts and medicine. She has had a wide-ranging career as midwife, AIDS activist and founder of an advocacy relations agency. After 15 years facilitating producti- ve relationships between patient advocates and pharmaceutical companies, she returned to full-time arts practice.

Prochilo’s work has been exhibited in the United States and Europe. Besides This is Water, she is working on two other projects: Leaving Home, an artist book about an empty house, belonging and the indelible watermark of family; and Barumbara, an ongoing chronicle in these precarious times of pandemic, polemics and war. It explores how, when inundated, we may thrive or rebel or turn inward, protective and feral. Visit her website

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