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Going the extra mile to get the perfect picture with photographer Steffen Kirschner

Extreme sports photographer Steffen Kirschner is not afraid to go the extra mile

Underground ice cave photo by Outex waterproof photographer Steffen Kirschner

Sports and outdoor photographer Steffen Kirschner relentlessly pursues the perfect picture, and admittedly goes the extra mile to get it. He has photographed just about everything you can imagine in the last few decades, but his great passion is sports and outdoor photography. "The hunt for the perfect picture may sound trite. But going the extra mile is what makes it so exciting for me." 

 Waterfall river kayaker photo by Outex waterproof photographer Steffen Kirschner

Personal passion intersects with professional excellent perfectly

Steffen's based in Nuremberg, Germany, where he founded Viaframe, specializing in 3D visualizations and classical photography. His client list includes Adidas, BMW, Bosch, Daimler, Toyota, Puma, Olympus, Zeiss, and many other 'blue-chip' brands around the world. Viaframe can handle a wide range of graphics and creative needs, from digital imaging to CGI, and their results speak for themselves. The fact imaging heavyweights like Zeiss and Olympus also rely on Steffen's work speaks volumes about the caliber of his deliverables when it comes for photography and imaging.  

Viaframe collection of photos by Outex waterproof photographer Steffen Kirschner

You can also visit Cherryinger Photography, where Steffen assembles a more personal portfolio of his photography work. Here are some of his personal favorites.  

split leve swimmer photo by Outex waterproof photographer Steffen Kirschner using dome lens port for over under effect 

 River rafter photo by Outex waterproof photographer Steffen Kirschner

Waterproofing professional camera gear

Steffen has been working with Nikon cameras and lenses for over a decade. Over the years, the camera bodies and lenses change constantly as technology evolves. "This is why I find the Outex waterproofing system so efficient. You don't need a new housing for every new camera model, and can use it with any lens. The system is also very travel friendly, saving me weight and bulk every time, specially for sports and extreme environments." Steffen has been using the Outex system since the early days of the first-generation covers that were not transparent.  Here's an example he was using before 2016.

Waterproof camera housing system photo by Outex waterproof photographer Steffen Kirschner

Underwater snorkeler model photo by Outex waterproof photographer Steffen Kirschner

Steffen is always pushing the envelope and working with cutting edge technology for the next big project. "I have a lot of ideas for the coming months and the first projects with triathletes and surfers are already on the schedule for 2023." 

Learn more about his work on his linked website or Instagram feed at @cherryinger_photography


Professional photographer Steffen Kirschner has perfectly blended his extreme sports photography passion into professional excellence by combining 3D technologies, graphics, and imaging into a fully integrated vertical business for his clients. Steffen loves the Outex waterproofing camera system for his Nikon gear because its universal design fits multiple bodies and lenses over time, and is super travel friendly.



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