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Italian TV host, PhD naturalist, wildlife Photogrpaher Emanuele Biggi

Italian TV host, PhD naturalist, wildlife professional Emanuele Biggi showcases macro photography as part of the Laowa by Venues Optics "Meeting Macro Masters" series. Emanuele uses his latest work to teach photographers how he captures amazing footage of the natural environment and inhabiting wildlife.

Emanuele is the kind of person that always found the little known fauna and flora as motivation to explore the world around him. Frogs, spiders, toads or stinky flowers always caught his attention. A self proclaimed “nerd”, Emanuele doesn’t fear to be low on the ground or close to a bark to witness the marvel of this beautiful blue planet - be it a lion or a dung beetle. Photography brings this immense, smaller universe to the rest of the world.

Italian TV host, PhD naturalist Emanuele Biggi shares his latest wildlife macro photography to teach other photographers the behind the scenes of magical work.  Emanuele uses the Outex underwater photography system in conjunction with lighting, tripods, triggers, and remotes to capture the magic of this micro universe without disturbing it.  

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