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Nate Shepard Takes Outex On An Antarctica Journey

Nate Shepard shares his stunning videos and photos from his Antarctica trip. Nate uses our Outex System to capture intimate moments with king penguins, seals and humpback whales.

"I went from having never seen a whale to being nearly arms reach away from 4 of them! For a moment everything would be absolutely still, then we’d see the massive creatures crossing right beneath us, dwarfing our zodiac raft. Coming to the surface they would blow air, roll around, then dive back down. It’s moments like this that I am in total shock of the Lord’s epic creation and might. So thankful to witness up close His creativity and design of such elegant and gentle giants."

Nate grew up in Asia and that’s where his passion for photography developed as he explored places like India, Burma and Thailand. Since moving to Denver, Colorado, he has grown a love for exploring the outdoors with the many opportunities to ski, mountain bike and hike in the rugged Rockies. Two years ago, Nate took his business full time and now he shoots weddings and travel throughout Colorado and the world.

On a recent trip to South Georgia and Antarctica, Nate brought along the Outex system to capture the wildlife as well as Antarctica's underwater beauty. As penguins, seals, and even whales played around the expedition, Nate used the Outex cover to dip his camera into the freezing water and come away with images that showcases a whole new perspective to the wildlife expedition.

Follow Nate’s adventures here.
IG: @nateshepardphoto

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