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OUTEX PRESENTS: Outex Underwater Photography Workshop with Jessica Haydahl

OUTEX PRESENTS: Outex Underwater Photography Workshop with Jessica Haydahl

Join us for our Outex Workshop Series with Jessica Haydahl, Outex Ambassador and Outdoor Pro Photographer. We're presenting Jessica's Underwater Photography workshop that includes 5 videos, that will be released Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Jessica will talk about how she uses our Outex Underwater Housing with the Dome system and Outex accessories. Watch, learn and ask questions! We're beyond excited!

Videos will also be available on YouTube, Facebook and our Community Blog Page!

VIDEO #1 "Why Do I Use Outex?"

VIDEO #2 "What Does The Outex System Look Like?"

VIDEO #3 "Let's Talk About Dome Ports: Port 120"

VIDEO #4 "Let's Talk About Dome Ports: Port 180"

 VIDEO #5 "Outex: Out In The Field"

All videos were produced, filmed and edited by Jessica Haydahl.

Jessica Haydahl is a long-time Outex Brand Ambassador and is known for her work in the areas of outdoor photography, content/product photography and fishing photography. 

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