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Outex Profiles Pete Pontone at Devil's Ear

We're so excited to feature Pete Pontone's underwater photography work, as he captures on explosive expression of water and light, with our Outex gear, at Devil's Ear, in Ginnie Springs, Florida.

Pete's photos are a breathtaking testament to the crystal clear waters and the light filtering through blood red water churning overhead. The photos on this blog are not photo-shopped, so you can imagine the reaction that we had from our Outex community. Pete was approximately 15-20 feet deep but it drops down to around 50 feet or more in the Devil's Ear cave.

Ginnie Springs has a plethora of opportunities when it comes to diving. You can free dive, open water dive, cave dive, or just swim and snorkel. Diving at Ginnie Springs then drifting into Devil's Ear is an amazing current that flows into the Santa Fe river. The Springs are crystal clear, with 100 feet plus visibility. This stunning location provides stunning locations for water adventures and photography.

To view more photos please follow us on Instagram. Pete Pontone's photography is available at his website

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