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Professional Triathlon Photographer James Mitchell Relies on Outex Underwater Housing System

Professional Sports Photographer James Mitchell has been creating media content for the world's leading sports brands, athletes, and sports teams all over the world. Based in the Canary Islands, James specializes in triathlon and commercial photography and uses the Outex underwater housing system for much of his work. James likes the universal design that enables him to use different cameras and lenses with the same Pro Kit housing, and appreciates the compact & lightweight design. 

James' work was featured by The Magic 5 swimming goggles company, discussing his love for the sport, and what lead him to become one of the top names in the photography field over the years. You can see the whole article here.

Pro Triathlete Sara Kim Bonner photo session by Outex photographer James Mitchell

James used to be fearful of open water swimming growing up, until a friend and triathlon coach helped him master his breath control. "I gifted my fear was irrational and that once I had control of my breathing I could conquer anything" says Mitchell.  It wasn't long until Mitchell did his first triathlon, eventually completing several Ironman events.

Outex waterproof housing used by pro triathlon photographer James Mitchell

He moved more into outdoor, sports, and triathlon photography, and experimented with several different housing systems before discovering the Outex waterproof housings.

Pro photographer James Mitchell using Outex waterproof housing system for The Magic 5 swimming goggles photoshoot

Underwater eyesore is important, not only for swimming and triathlons, but for photography. And James enjoys using The Magic 5 swimming goggles for both. "Goggles proved to be one of the last pieces of the puzzle, having to take them on/off to review images. But I can leave The Magic 5 goggles on and still see the back of my camera thru the Outex optics with ease, and I can use the cameras LCD screen as well as the viewfinder when I need it. I can see more of what I am doing."

Triathlon photo by Outex ambassador James Mitchell

To see more of James Mitchell's work, visit his website and his Instagram feed.

Learn more about The Magic 5 swimming goggles here.

pro Triathlon photographer James Mitchell using the Outex waterproof housing system


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