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Ric Lewis Photography Underwater Photoshoot featured on Waterproof Magazine

Professional photographer Ric Lewis' work featured on Waterproof Magazine


Professional photographer Ric Lewis has been building a name for himself in the portrait space for years, first as Capture Wonder Photography, then with Ric Lewis Photography, along with long time model, artist, and partner Kayla Douglas. Ric and Kayla are frequent speakers at professional events, and host workshops and teaching sessions all over the country.



As an electrical engineer, Ric has plenty of imaging experience both inside and outside camera gear and the use of light to create amazing images. He's an ambassador for a number of imaging brands such as Stella Pro Lights, Spider Camera Holsters, Cheetah Stand, Aftershoot, etc. So it was no surprise Ric chose Outex as his go to underwater camera housing system. "I was referred to Outex by Light And Motion, makers of Stella Pro Lights." Ric says. "The Outex waterproof camera housing system makes perfect sense in today's professional environment for a number of reasons."


1. Modular compatibility fits any camera & lens, while maintaining all function control

"It's universally compatible with multiple cameras and lenses - The speed of innovation is only increasing and I want to be able to use my housing for multiple cameras and lenses, depending on what I'm trying to accomplish. Outex not only allows me to use all my camera gear, but all of my buttons, controls, and dials remain accessible, and where I expect them to be."


2. Best Optical Performance

"Outex uses optical glass ports - not acrylic or plastic - for all of its ports, even the domes. Because the system is affordable, lightweight, and compact, it adds no weight or bulk to your camera, and can afford to use optical glass where it matters most - in front of your lens. Most hard case housings are heavy, bulky, and expensive. Adding glass would make them not only heavier, but push the pricing into the stratosphere. Outex delivers the best optical performance even though it's more affordable than most hard cases. It's a bit lit a Tesla electric car outrunning a Ferrary or a Lamborghini. It's revolutionary design delivers results that we're not possible before."


3. Modular design for professional tools

"The Outex system grows with my needs - lights, mounts, triggers, even tethering underwater. The Outex system was design like my camera. It's modular, and works interoperable with lights, tripods, mounts, strobes, triggers, tethering, and industry standard cables for audio, video, power, data, etc. So I can add Outex add-on accessories to my base Outex Pro Kit product over time just like I would add accessories to my camera system. I can custom build the functionality I want based on my desired imaging outcomes and all of the add-on accessories work compatibly with each other so my investments are commensurately protected."



Ric's underwater work has been recently featured on Volume 2 of Waterproof Magazine, one of the premier underwater publications in the industry. Waterproof Magazine is the brainchild of Brett Stanley, a leading figure in underwater photography and cinematography, based in Long Beach, CA.



Learn more about Ric Lawis Photography and Kayla Douglas' work on their website 




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