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Sony A1 Review on FStopper using Outex - by Jason Vinson

Professional photographer Jason Vinson recently reviewed the Sony A1 camera for camera for the FStoppers community.  Jason had been using the Sony A1 for months, and ten thousand + frames by the time he wrote the review.

Is the Hype Real? Fstoppers Reviews the Sony a1

Husband & wife team Jason & Chasnie Vinson are wedding photographers based in Northwest Arkansas, and have been professional photographers covering much more than just weddings.  You can visit their website here (  Jason has been an FStoppers contributors for years.  He was an early Outex customer/user/reviewer in FStoppers, and you can still find his profile and reviews on our website's Reviews and Ambassadors pages/menus.  He used the Outex underwater camera housing for his review to explore the camera's limits in extreme environments and situations, such as low light, extreme contrast, and for resolution definition.

Jason Vinson Outex underwater image with Sony A1 for FStopper review



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