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Head and Specialized rely on Outex cases for Triathlon cinematography

Specialized and Head rely on Outex to make their latest sponsorship video with Portuguese Triathlon athlete Vasco Vilaça.  Take a look at the short video and some behind the scenes footage of the "making-of".

As soon as he could write, Vasco Vilaça was already competing. But the day he saw a Portuguese champion cross the finish line in a race in Lisbon, he knew where he wanted to be. In the water, on the bike, on the track and in the race. He wanted to be the target of a nation's applause and acclaim just the same. This is the guy who will inspire the next generations of the Portuguese triathletes.

“The Boy Called Vilaça” produced by Filipe Pereira (Unspotdesign Branding and Desportivo), Bruno Safra (SRBS Sports, Head), and Nelson Risso (Specialized). Filmed entirely in Portugal with the support of Head and Specialized. Special thanks to Onyria, Quinta da Marinha Hotel, and Outex waterproof housings.

Vilaca Triathlon video using Outex 1

Vilaca Triathlon video using Outex 2

Producers: Bruno Safara (SRBS - HEAD), Filipe Pereira (USDBD) and Nelson Risso (Specialized)
Director: João Bordeira
DOP: Sérgio Bráz D’Almeida
1st Ass : Miguel Mares
Drone: Dragonfly Photography and Hugo Andrade
Make-up: Susy Moreira
Editor: João Bordeira
Color: Sérgio Bráz D’Almeida and João Bordeira
Photographer: Rita Santana


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