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Swimmers using underwater video to improve technique, reach their goals, and have fun

Swimmers use underwater video to improve their technique, reach their goals, and have fun with the Outex Phone Pro 

Underwater video can be a powerful tool for helping swimmers improve their technique and become more efficient in the water. By recording your swims and analyzing the footage, you can identify areas of improvement and make changes to your stroke that will help you swim faster and with better form. With the help of underwater video, swimmers can take their swimming to the next level by fine-tuning their technique and gaining an edge over their competition.

Coaching aid helps swimmers visualize

With the help of underwater video, coaches can now analyze a swimmer’s technique in order to make corrections and improve performance. By using this technology, coaches can provide their swimmers with more accurate, real time feedback, enabling them to reach their goals faster and more efficiently.


Split level half over half underwater swimmer photo helping coaches with technique


Underwater video analysis allows coaches to identify specific areas for improvement in a swimmer’s technique. It also helps them to monitor progress over time and make sure that any changes made are having the desired effect on performance. The Outex phone pro kit applies the company's camera lineage into smart phones. It uses optical glass lens ports instead of plastic (acrylic), and maintains control over all your functionality. The universal phone compatibility means you can use any phone, including different versions of the Apple iPhone, Android phones by Samsung, Google Pixel, and many others. Using its patented technology, the Outex phone pro kit lets swimmers reach their goals faster.


Analyzing swimming technique from underwater video using the Outex phone pro kit


Advantages of using phones over action cams

Phones offer a number of advantages over action cams like GoPros:

  • Better; more lenses, focal points, resources.
  • Faster; to install, edit, and share.
  • Easier; no apps, software, or downloads.
  • Cheaper; more affordable than buying action cams.

Furthermore, the use of phone cameras for underwater video allows swimmers to review their technique in real-time and make adjustments accordingly without additional apps, devices, or downloads. Using underwater video for swim training is an invaluable tool for swimmers of all levels both as a tool and as a toy. Not only does it allow them to practice and improve their technique, but it also helps them track their progress over time and have some fun in the process.


About the Outex phone pro system

Outex was started by an Olympic swimmer who loved photography and wanted to combine the benefits of professional imaging results into a universally compatible system that's as modular as your camera and lenses, maintaining full functional control over all settings and modes, regardless of brand, make or model. The Outex phone pro is a natural evolution that applies it to today's pervasive mobile phones. Visit to learn more and shop. Explore the Questions pages for frequently asked questions, and use keyword search for anything you need. Worldwide shipping is automated at checkout.


 Outex phone pro kit system photo

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