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The Adventure Photographers Use Outex

The Adventure Photographers 1

The Adventure Photographers [TAP] are a team of uniquely skilled outdoor photographers and videographers that work throughout the UK capturing adventures for activity providers, companies & expedition teams, and investing all of their profits into environmental conservation. 

The Adventure Photographers 4

TAP was established in the Spring of 2019 by Charlotte Workman & Steve Small shortly after returning from the mountains of Japan, both having spent many years working in the adventure industry as photographers, guides, instructors and trainers we have made great friends in wild places and already work with an increasing number of activity providers in Scotland.

The Adventure Photographers 2

They offer a number of photography and videography services to suit a variety of adventurous needs, including experiences, promotions, expeditions, and fine art. The activities they cover includes canoeing, canyoning, climbing, cold-water surfing, and more. They relay on the Outex waterproof camera housing system for all of the reasons you would imagine.

 The Adventure Photographers 3

Are you planning a trip and want to capture the journey? Hire a professional to help tell your story in the best possible way.

Book your Adventure Photographers here.

View more of their work on their Instagram page or website.


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