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TV-host, Adventurer, Dr. Karina Oliane breaks world record for longest lava crossing.

Dr. Karina Oliane recognized with world record for longest Tyrolean traverse of a lava field - another nice accolade on Internation Women's Day.  Karina is a medical doctor, tv-host, adventurer super hero.  When she's not helping underserved kids in underdeveloped countries she's skydiving, storm-chasing, or flying while strapped to the wings of an airplane.  

Karina had a fascination for adventure and adrenaline. At 12 she made her first parachute jump (double) and completed a first scuba diving class. By 17 she was already a two-time Brazilian wakeboard champion in addition to being three-time champion Snowboarder record holder free diver.  Today she practices many other sports, practices medicine as a search & rescue emergency doctor, and is a certified helicopter pilot.   

We've know Karina for a few years and participated in some of her adventures along with other professional photography ambassadors. Her energy is only matched by her positivity and enthusiasm. You can see more in her Ambassador profile.  This video shows her first experience with the Outex underwater housing system - a nice match for the globe-trotting, travel-adventure lifestyle of story telling. Can't wait to see what she does next.

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