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Underwater Camera Gear Awarded to Oceanographic Magazine's Photography Award Recipients

Recognizing Excellence in Photography with Oceanographic Magazine's Photographer of the Year Awards for 2023

For the second time, Outex and Oceanographic Magazine are partnering to honor champions of underwater photography and environmental conservation. Outex is presenting various gifts and sponsoring ocean photography awards to recognize the outstanding imaging work these professionals produce on an ongoing basis. "As an underwater housing company founded by ocean lovers, we're happy to partner with a prestigious publication and support photographers, photojournalists, and cinematographers in our community, providing useful imaging tools for their camera gear in multiple environmental conditions." said Outex co-founder JR deSouza. 

Underwater swimmer photo from Oceanographic Magazine collaboration with Outex waterproof housing system

Oceanographic Magazine

Oceanographic Magazine uses beautiful photography and captivating storytelling to transport both the wonder and plight of the ocean into people’s homes. It is a magazine that aims to bring our blue planet to life, to connect and inspire. It's a publication about the ocean and for the ocean. Both digital and printed form are 86% editorial, with limited advertising, and in partnership with several ocean conservation entities, such as Sea Legacy. Oceanographic also donates 20% of its profits to ocean conservation. 

Oceanographic Magazine issues

The publication focuses on the study of oceans and its inhabitants. It provides readers with information about the latest scientific discoveries, environmental issues, and conservation efforts related to the world's oceans. The magazine also covers topics such as marine biology, oceanography, climatology, and ocean engineering. Readers of the magazine gain a better understanding of the importance of protecting this environment and not only its inhabitants, but also the impact it has on humanity. It provides inspiration for people looking to pursue a career in this field or just develop an appreciation for our planet’s most important resource - our oceans!

Oceanographic Magazine image of sea turtle feeding on coral grass using Outex underwater housing gear

The ocean is a vast, mysterious place full of life and beauty. Oceanographic magazine helps us explore its wonders with in deepth, insightful editorial, and breathtaking images that capture the imagination. Through stories, photographs, and illustrations, these magazines provide an insight into the lives of marine creatures, their habitats, and the impact of human activities on them. They also promote awareness about ocean conservation efforts that are being undertaken to preserve this precious resource for future generations. 

The Outex Underwater Camera Housing System for Camera Gear In Any Environmental Condition - Even Underwater.

The Outex underwater housing system was created by water-loving photo enthusiasts who wanted to combine the best aspects of all waterproofing worlds:

  • Professional performance; using optical glass lens ports instead of acrylic, and enabling full control of all camera & lens functions and settings. That means imaging results are second-to-none, and all buttons and settings accessible by the user.

  • Universal camera & lens compatibility; the malleable, tactile-rich, rugged, stretchy housing material fits all camera and lens types, brands, makes, and models, including DSLRs, Film, Mirrorless, Medium Format, and even cinema cameras like BlackMagic, RED, etc. In a world of fast evolving technology it's great to have a housing system that accommodates any camera in your repertoire - including your camera phones.
  • Lightweight, compact design; adds virtually no weight or bulk to your camera gear. That makes it super travel friendly, saving time, money, and ensuring you can always have it - just in case.
  • Modular, upgradeable accessories; support tripods, lighting, triggers, domes, pistol grips, tethering, straps, and all of the accessories professionals may need for production. All of the Outex parts fit together interchangeably, so the user can mix & match parts as needed without limitations on creativity.

Jelly fish, swimmer, boat Paul Toma image with outex dome 120mm low res

Like your camera, the Outex waterproof system comprises of optical lens ports, a malleable cover, and modular add-on accessories that work interchangeably together as a system to accommodate all your imaging needs in any environment; rain, dirt, mud, sand, dust, and underwater. Professionals love it as a powerful, convenient addition to their waterproofing arsenal of tools, specially for situations when a heavy, bulky hard housing isn't the answer. And enthusiasts love it as an affordable entry into photography categories to which they did not have previous access - specially underwater.

Photographers find Outex particularly useful in education or worship environments in that it dramatically expands their target audiences and opens up opportunities for people to experience photography in new, exciting ways.

Award Winner Gifts

There are 3 gifts being awarded this year for the winners. See the links below for detailed descriptions, images, and a list of what's included in each kit.

1. Outex Dome 180mm Pro Kit Dream Bundle (U$1,400)

Outex waterproof camera case dream bundle floating in a pool

2. Outex Pro Kit with Straps (U$425)

Outex Pro Kit image

3. Outex Phone Pro Kit ($149)

Outex phone pro kit

Why it matters

Outex and Oceanographic Magazine will continue to help promote the stories and documentarians helping protect our oceans and the biodiversity it supports for all of us.  And there are a number of way your can participate, contribute, and benefit. Join the Outex User Community on social media and subscribe to the Oceanographic Magazine publications.

For example, Outex recognizes its community ambassadors at a number of trade shows, events, and speaking opportunities. It also promotes their work to its audience in relevant, educational, entertaining ways to share their knowledge and knowhow and grow their reach. Oceanographic Magazine has a current Storyteller in Residence program funding content creators so their work gets broader attention.

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