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Underwater Wedding Puerto Rico's most sought-after professional photographer Edwin Solano

Underwater wedding vows with photographer Edwin Solano 1

Edwin Solano is one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in the island of Puerto Rico (he splits his time between the island and New York City). His artistry and creativity was on full display this month as he facilitated a fully submerged wedding ceremony off the coast of La Parguera on the southwestern coast of the island with the help of his videographer Joel Enrique.

The full service event included boating/catamaran organization, accommodations for the bride & groom, on-board band, food & drink, an underwater minister, scuba gear, and the unforgettable footage of the whole experience.

Bride & groom stayed at the Parador Villa Parguera en Lajas, and woke up to a gourmet breakfast at the resort.  As the ceremony approached, there was time for special waterproof makeup by Lizzie Ibarra and OnFleek by Kidanny. Then it was time for wardrobe, with special dresses by Xiomara Simo Ateliery for her, and Angelo's Tuxedo for him. 

 Underwater wedding with Outex photographer Edwin Solano

After the on-land ceremony the wedding party boarded a catamaran to the underwater destination. Event planning and Catering made for picture-perfect settings and the on-board band kept the festive mood throughout the day, but it was time to get wet. 

Underwater wedding in Puerto Rico with Outex ambassador Edwin Solano

Ben & Yeanma were ready for their dip in the clear waters for the big moment. With the help of Paradise Scuba, bride, groom, and minister Sarah Rosario were ready for the big moment.

Underwater ceremony with Outex ambassador Edwin Solano

Underwater wedding with Outex ambassador Edwin Solano in PR

Read the original description (in Spanish) and play by play of the event, with additional pictures, links for booking your reservations and to learn more about Edwin Solano and his artistry at his website

Photographer Edwin Solano is arguably the best, most sough-after professional in the island of Puerto Rico when it comes to couple and wedding photography. He's a speaker, educator, and commercial photographer splitting his time between New York and Puerto Rico. Edwin has 15 years of experience in exceeding client's expectations in the most memorable, most creative setups imaginable. Take a look behind the scenes with makings of some of his photoshoots with the Outex underwater housing system. 


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