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Water photographer Luc Cividino’s search for “authenticity in the moment”.

Searching for “authenticity in the moment” is a never ending journey for photographer Luc Cividino of Basque Country

Luc Cividino grew up around the water. He was kayaking in rivers at age 10, then surfing in the Ocean by age 14. Moving to Basque Country was the perfect opportunity to leverage his love of water sports and incorporate his passion into his photography work.

 Big wave surf photographer Lucas Cidivino relies on Outex waterproof housing for above and underwater work

Basque Country straddles the Bay of Biscay at the western end of the Pyrenees mountain range, between the southern France and Spain, and has become world-famous for its excellent surfing conditions.

Big wave surf photo by Luc Cividino using Outex waterproof camera cover

 20 foot wave Stand Up Paddleborder photography by Luc Cidivino using Outex waterproof system

 Luc’s surfing, kayaking, canoeing, and other water sports experiences greatly assisted in his experience as a photographer. They not only help his conditioning and comfort level in such conditions. But also give him an understanding of what the subject is going thru, where they may go, and what they may do.  “I gained confidence over time and allowed myself to be more daring in my approach, always looking for the work to reflect the authenticity of the moment.”

Some examples of Luc's work captured below.  

Best camera gear for water sports photography by Luc Cidivino  

Photo of boogie-boarder in the wave tube captured by Luc Cividino using Outex waterproof camera gear

Hydrofoil surfer photo by Luc Cividino in Basque Country using Outex underwater housing system

Luc began his photography years ago, but the Outex waterproof system has been perfect for his needs.  “I began shooting with Outex covers from an outrigger canoe. The materials are perfect for my work. Outstanding imaging from the optical glass ports, small, lightweight, and easy to control under any condition.”

Best camera gear for above and underwater photography by Luc Cividino 

His photography has evolved over time, and encompasses a range of subjects and categories, from water sports, portraits, landscape, and commercial work. Luc currently shoots the following gear:

  • Canon DSLR 7D mk2 
  • 24-70mm f/2.8
  • Outex Pro Kit

Here are some pictures of Luc just before he gets in the water with his gear.

Water photographer Luc Cividino using his Canon camera and lens with Outex waterproof housing for surf photo session in Basque Country 1 


“A great picture is one that touches you. It evokes a reaction or gives understanding. I’m always in search of THE photo that will convey those emotions, tell a story, or elicit those reactions, for myself and others. Those images become a living record of that moment in time.”

Great photo of a lonely ocean paddler in the rain below.

Canoe ride in the rain photograph by Luc Cividino using waterproof camera cover Outex


Luc plans his work as little as possible. He likes to be surprised and amazed in the moment. But he's always ready! "That's how I capture a part of the truth", he says. Don't take that the wrong way. Luc prepares, and doesn't leave a lot to chance.  He's often checking the forecast, tide, and weather conditions. And he considers time of day and positioning to the sun to optimize lighting conditions. 
But he also believes in being in the moment, and leaving some things to chance. Luc calls it "empirical dynamic", and says that's "much more fun than trying to control everything". 

The orange boat photo in the rain above is a great example. Luc describes it; "the squall surprised us. The sea became smoother and darker. I already knew that this Orange would stand out very well against the blue of the Caribbean. But the squall completely changed the mood, so I liked the contrast between the very light paddler and the strength of the moment."

Below photo at the start of the La Route Du Rhum in Sain Malo 2022.

Sailing race photo by water photographer Luc Cividino

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