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Benefits of the Outex underwater housing system for smart phones

Outex waterproof cases now available for smart phones; iOS, Android, etc.

Couple looking into their Outex smartphone underwater housings while sailing

The Outex underwater housing system combines professional performance, universal compatibility with all cameras & lenses, and unparalleled travel friendliness with its lightweight and compact design. It is better, faster, easier, and cheaper than an action-cam, and there are no apps or videos to download.

Building on its camera lineage, Outex has introduced the smart phone system. Similarly to cameras, the Outex system unleashes your creativity in any environment, rain, dirt, mud, sand, dust, or underwater. 

Outex delivers

  • Performance; optical glass ports (not acrylic) for unparalleled imaging performance.
  • Universal Compatibility: flexible, tactile rich engineering fits multiple camera technologies, brands, makes, and camera & lens models.
  • Complete Control; full operational control of all settings and functions of your equipment
  • Modular Design: like my camera, Outex’s interchangeable design supports a variety of lenses, lighting, flash, tripod, triggers, tethering, remotes control, etc.
  • Travel Friendliness: lightweight and compact, it adds no weight or bulk.
  • Affordable; pricing comparisons make it a great value.
  • Simplicity & Speed; install and use. No apps or downloads.
  • Affordable; better, cheaper than an action-cam.


Swimmer taking underwater photos with her smartphone and Outex waterproof housing system

Phone Case Highlights

  • Professional imaging results; optical glass ports, complete control.
  • Universal design fits all/most brands, makes, models.
  • Lightweight, compact design fits anywhere – travel friendly.
  • Usable for sand, dirt, dust, mud, rain, paint, food, or underwater
  • Glass dome ideal for split level (half-half) underwater imaging.
  • Cover permits control over the LCD touch screen. Use hard buttons underwater.
  • Can be used in conjunction with cameras, triggers, tripod mounts, selfie-sticks, remotes, etc. for a variety of uses with any smartphone App.
Beach photoshoot using Outex underwater housing for smart phones
Cell phone inside Outex waterproof case in a river bed on tripod

Learning more has all the information you need, including an automated product store that ships worldwide and allows you to select the shipping, timing, and service you prefer. Use keyword search to guide you. Explore the PRODUCT, QUESTIONS, and COMMUNITY menus/pages for everything you need.

Split level, half over half underwater photographer using Outex waterproof case and glass dome port

Competitive Benefits

  • The best camera is the one you have with you. The Outex housings are travelfriendly, and allow you to use the smartphone you already have in any environment.
  • More professionals and enthusiasts are making smartphones part of their creative/content workflow as their imaging quality continues to improve.
  • Having your media already in you phone makes it easy to share.
  • Saves time, money, hassle of having to carry other cameras.
  • Compatible with all apps that enable to use your smartphone not only as an imaging device, but also as an accessory to imaging devices, including cameras, drones, tripods, triggers, remotes, etc.
  • Dome Kit floats, and the flat port kit increases flotation to avoid losing it in big bodies of water, and keeps them protected even if they begin to sink.
  • Allows underwater control of the imaging features via the smartphones hard/external buttons, which are usually already configured as such, and are sometimes re-configurable for customized preferences.
  • Affordable compared to other professional cases/housings, and a great value for anyone looking for optical excellence.
Girl in a bikini modeling the waterproof camera phone Outex system on the beach

About Outex

Founded in 2010, Outex lineage stems from professional cameras, including film, DSLR, Mirrorless, cinema, and medium format. Its worldwide community of users includes photographers, cinematographers, enthusiast, and professionals, and covers a gamut of activities that includes surfing, kayaking, swimming, caving, canyoning, fashion, and a variety of sports and outdoor photography, as well as use by the armed forces in several countries. 




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