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Can I Control My Smartphone Inside the Outex Phone Kits?

Yes. Outex covers are engineered of a proprietary, patented, malleable, stretchy, silicone-based material that's designed to maintain control over all your operational functionality.  Similar to our camera-based covers, the Outex phone covers maintain tactile feel over your hard buttons, as well as LCD screen electro-magnetic control.  While the cover diminishes the sensitivity & accuracy over the LCD screen, it allows you to control enough of the functionality to get you back into image-capture (camera) modes.  This ensures you can restart the phone, switch apps, change some settings, or dismiss an incoming call if you have to.

The Outex Phone kit was not designed to be kept on your phone 24/7.  Like our camera products, it's meant to be used as needed, for inclement conditions, and underwater.  It's easy to put on and take off, lightweight, and compact, making it a breeze to transport, and convenient to have it available anytime you need it.

Keep in mind that water and water pressure will also potentially impact the LCD screen.  The phone's LCD screen will be unresponsive while submerged because water pressure will push the Outex cover flush against the LCD screen.  Return to the surface to adjust your settings or make changes.

Use the unlock screen on your phone to directly and easily access and operate the camera.  You can simply press the camera button on the bottom right hand corner, then use the hard buttons on the side of the phone to trigger video or photos on the camera.

iPhone unlock screen picture for easy access and control of the camera using the Outex waterproof case

Outex waterproof phone case 2

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