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Does Outex Support Tripods, Flash, or Tethering Underwater?

What Are the Available Outex Underwater Photography Camera System Configurations?

The Pro Kit supports underwater tripod, lighting, and tethering configurations. The Outex mirrorless underwater housing system can modularly support all of these applications through its patented, configurable design. By adding covers with different openings and different Outex accessories, you can build virtually any underwater application that may require tripods, lights, cables for power, data, audio, and even video. The patented Outex system is used to push the boundaries of what's possible in photography & cinematography because of its lightweight, optically superior ports, and modular design. Ground-breaking examples include Vogue Magazine, Red Bull, National Geographic, the Armed Forces and Coast Guard, etc.

Below are some example images.  Visit our NEWS and REVIEWS pages for addition real-world situations and examples:

Underwater tethering, simultaneous power, audio, video support (HDMI, USB).


Outex underwater tethering


Underwater flash support, hotshot mounted, detached, or tethered.


Outex Underwater flash and tethering photography


Underwater tethered support (HDMI, USB, etc).

Outex cable adaptor specification dimensions


Outex underwater tethering system

Underwater tripod support.  Outex waterproofs your tripod mount, and it's compatible with virtually any/all tripod systems—from mounts and brackets to tripod mounts.

Outex underwater tripod support

Outex underwater tripod mounting.

Underwater glass dome ports + pistol grip with trigger support.

Outex underwater dome and pistol grip support


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