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Does the Outex Phone Kit Float?

The Outex Phone Kit is designed to work as a floatation device.

There's enough trapped air inside the waterproof housing when sealed to help make your phone float.  And when using the phone dome port, we know there's enough air to float virtually any phone in the market currently, from Apple's iPhones (all models), to Google's Pixel phones, as well as Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. But because different phones come in different shapes, weights, and sizes, we've also designed an adjustable looped strap you can use to prevent dropping or losing your phone while in use.

Because of the differences between phones, we cannot guarantee that your phone will float on its own withOUT the use of the Dome.  But it will certainly slow down the sinking process, giving you additional time - if you're not using the strap to retrieve it as needed.

These videos are examples from our YouTube channel.

Floating smartphone using the Outex Underwater camera housing and glass dome kit

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