Entry vs. Pro Kit - What's the Difference?

Understanding Outex Underwater Systems

Entry Kit = Good  Limited use of viewfinder
Pro Kit = Best Unlimited access and use of all camera functions

System Difference Summary


The Entry Kit is an inexpensive, simple way to get started, but it limits use of the viewfinder and LCD to framing and composition since sighting is limited thru the cover, which is not optically precise/accurate.  In other words, you're mostly shooting on AUTO.  If you're shooting on Manual, we suggest the Pro Kit.  The Pro Kit offers complete control of all aspects of camera and lens, and gives you full optically-accurate visibility of the LCD and viewfinder.  And you can still access buttons and controls behind the glass.  See the video and other references below...

Entry Kit


Entry Kit covers have only one front opening for the front glass, and no rear viewfinder glass or opening. That means the Entry Kit does not include a rear glass viewfinder and viewing occurs thru the cover itself only - you are sighting thru the cover.  It is not as precise as the Pro Kit and will not deliver the same results, especially in bright sunlit conditions. Because there’s only one point of entry, it may also be more difficult to install/remove the cover from the camera depending on the model/size used. It eliminates your ability to use the viewfinder, and your limited to using one or the other viewfinder/LCD on auto-focus to find focus in your photography work.  

Pro Kit


The Pro Kit includes both front and rear glass and openings, for professional grade results in any condition, and in any shooting mode.  And the patented mechanism still grants you full/complete access to all your buttons, knobs, and functions anywhere on the camera.  You can move the glass out of the way when that's the case on reach between the glass and camera.  The Pro Kit offers both tripod and/or viewfinder mounted rear glass, depending on your camera model or specific request.   The advanced Outex kits, such as tripod, tethering, lighting, and pistol grips, only come in the Pro configuration; with the rear opening cover.  When in doubt, we recommend the Pro Kit.  Many of our Entry customers end up upgrading to the Pro Kit by purchasing the Pro Cover + Rear Glass.



The Outex system is universally compatible.  Domes and all front glass options work with either/both Entry and/or Pro Kit covers and systems.  But the advanced kits such as tripod, tethering, lighting, and pistol grip options work only with the Pro Kit configuration.


Outex underwater housing comparison Pro Large Kit vs. Pro Regular Kit vs. Entry Kit


Entry Kit Installation Video



Example sighting with Entry Kit Cover


Outex underwater housing Entry Kit waterproof cover sighting example


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