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Everything You Need to Know About the Outex Housing System

Our Questions page covers a lot of ground when it comes to underwater camera gear, the Outex waterproof system, and tips for outdoor photography. If you're new to it, and want a quick overview, you've come to the right place. The excerpts below are from an interview with TV Host, diver, and Model Kinga Phillips.

1. Why Outex? How does it compare to other housings?

2. Key performance differentiation?

3. Will it work for me? Universal fit for multiple cameras, lenses, and needs.

4. How do domes work? Why domes?

 5. Does it work with film, triggers, lights, tripods, etc?

 6. What version should I get?


 7. What are some of the wildest Outex user scenarios?

 Watch the complete interview below, and visit our YouTube channel:


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