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How do I Operate my Controls Using the Outex Underwater Housing System?

Operating your Control Using the Outex Underwater Housing System

Outex housings are optimized for tactile feedback and for complete control of any and all functionality above or below the water. Think of this in the same way that a surgeon can conduct brain or heart surgery using gloves. Our 2nd generation transparent covers make it even easier to see and operate all functions of any gear inside the housings; from cameras and lenses, to accessories and add-ons such as lighting and triggers.

Outex's proprietary compound is engineered to maximize control, tactile feedback, grip, handling, elasticity, and durability. We're constantly working with our customers to improve usability. The 2nd generation transparent covers last longer, are easier to install and remove, and have a longer lifespan than the 1st generation blue covers. They allow you to stretch, twist, turn, zoom, operate in all modes, and push any buttons, levers, or knobs you may need to access, including mirrorless, SLR, film, or medium format cameras.  Visit our YouTube Channel for addition videos.



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