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How does Outex work? Overview of underwater housing system.

Overview of the Outex underwater housing system and how it works.

As the above video illustrates how the Outex underwater housing system works universally for different camera and lens brands, makes, and models. The flexible, tactile-rich cover waterproofs the camera and lens body, while allowing for complete functional control over all buttons, dials, and knobs. Combined with the front and rear optical glass ports, the patented seal mechanism creates a waterproof housing that delivers the best optical results (glass instead of acrylic), and full use of the camera in any environmental condition, including underwater.

Examples of the products in use

The Outex ecosystem of products (Covers, Front Glass Ports, Rear Glass Port, Glass Domes) and add-on accessories (Tripod, Lighting, Strobes, Triggers, Remotes, Tethering, Pistol Grip, Straps, etc.) are modular products and work together as a system. They can be configured in multiple ways interchangeably into kits - like LEGOS, so you can mix and match covers, ports, and accessories as you wish to meet your configuration needs. All of the products are mutually compatible, so you can add components over time as those needs change and evolve over time.

Outex works for all camera brands and types: DSLR, Mirrorless, Film, Medium-Format, and Video. The covers and glass ports work together to create the patented waterproof seal the user can control. So you can ensure the seal is commensurately appropriate for your use, whether it's a time-lapse in rainfall or a choppy surf break photoshoot. 

For a detailed look into the system watch this interview by Travel & Discovery Channel Adventure TV Host Kinga Philipps.

Creating a short film for Nikon with TV host Kinga Philipps, and professional photographer Lucas Gilman.

Travel and Discovery Channel Adventurer and TV host Kinga Philipps discovers the best underwater housing system for professional cameras in this Outex interview with co-founder JR deSouza.  Kinga and JR met on the set of a Nikon short film with professional photographer Lucas Gilman, where they both worked to create a video about Nikon's latest Mirrorless camera - the Z series - in combination with the Atoms Ninja V recorder, outputting Pro Res RAW uncompressed video from the camera to the recorder.

Creating a short film for Lumix with professional photographer Mathew Sutherland.

Here's another example from the Outex YouTube channel (#Outex), where you can watch thousands of examples of the products in use by professionals and amateurs alike around the globe. In this interview with cinematographer Mathew Sutherland, Matt and JR discuss the preparation and behind the scenes for a short film Matt prepared for Panasonic/Lumix for the launch of one of their Lumix mirrorless GH5 mark II cameras.

Film Cameras and Camcorders

We have multiple examples from customers around the world using the Outex Pro Kit (size Large) system for video and camcorders as well, including RED Digital Cinema, BlackMagic, Hasselblad, PhaseOne, Fuji GFX 100, Canon C70, and several others. 

The flexibility (pun intended) of the Outex covers means users can control & operate any camera that fits inside for use in inclement conditions.

Additional examples can be found on our Community page/menu, including the Blog, News,  Reviews, and social media channels.

RED digital cinema camera inside the Outex Pro Kit Large system

RED Digital Cinema camera inside Outex Pro Kit Large housing system.

Hasselblad camera inside Outex Pro Kit Large housing system

Hasselblad camera inside Outex Pro Kit Large housing system.

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