Rear Glass Options and how it works.

Selecting the rear glass; viewfinder- or tripod- mounted


There are two types of rear glass options; Viewfinder mount, or Tripod-mount

#1.  Viewfinder mount

The Viewfinder mounted option is available for most/typical camera brands/makes/models, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Pentax.  It combines an adaptor that slides or threads onto your camera's viewfinder eyecup, and then hold the rear glass (LCD window).  Our patented design allows it to pivot/swing back & forth so it can be moved out of the way of your access of buttons, knobs, and functions.  And you can use both the viewfinder and LCD screens accordingly.

#2.  Tripod/mirrorless mount

The Tripod mounted solution is called the Mirrorless Viewfinder and is universal to any/all camera makes, brands, and models that have a tripod mount at the base/bottom of the camera.  It uses a provided adjustable bracket and screw that also allows for a positioning that fits/suits your camera and the position of your LCD screen and viewfinder so you can also use both LCD screen and viewfinder.   Only exceptions are very large camera bodies (Canon 1D series, Nikon 5D, as examples), where the tripod mount is rather far away from the viewfinder.  For those cameras we suggest the above option (#1)
The below video and images showcase both examples for various cameras.
There's no right or wrong solution and it is your personal preference as to which method is best.  The kit defaults to #1 for cameras listed as having that option available, but use option #2 for all other cases.  If you have a specific preference, you have to specify it accordingly in the shopping cart comments section.  Many customers opt for another, 3rd option we call "floating".

#3 Floating option

It is possible, and some people prefer to simply float the rear glass window (either mirrorless or lcd provide in options 1 and/or 2) by simply leaving it un-attached to the camera.  In this scenario the rear glass is simply held in place by the cover itself, and possibly the Strap Holder.  This option gives you even more freedom of movement for the rear glass if/when needed.  All 3 options work well and use depends on personal preference.
Outex underwater housing Rear Glass options

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