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Will my Smartphone Work w/ the Outex Phone Kit?

The Outex Phone Kit includes the Cover, Lens Port, and a Strap, and it was designed to accommodate multiple phone brands, makes, models. The malleable cover allows control over both "hard/side" buttons, as well as the LCD screen.

Covers: Like our camera covers, they are designed to be universal.  Anything that fits inside can be used.  The rear surface of the cover was engineered to maintain electro-magnetic sensitivity of the phone's LCD screen, so you can control the phone's operations in support of your image-capture needs. We only have one size currently, and the specifications are shown below.

Compatibility includes Apple iPhone and iPhone Max all models, Google Pixel phones, and Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S Ultra phones.  

Outex underwater phone case dimensions 1

Outex waterproof phone case dimensions 2

The current cover size was designed to accommodate most popular phones, including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Motorola, Google Pixel, and many more.  This includes iPhone 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, Pro, Max, Samsung Galaxy, Ultra, etc.  The dimensions listed above are the best gauge for whether your phone will fit.  And if it does there's a good chance it will work.  The covers are stretchy.  Smaller phones will work. 

Lens: The Outex Phone Lens was designed from optical glass (not plastic or acrylic) to ensure the best possible imaging results.  The lens size is large in order to accommodate the various placements for multiple lenses on your phone.  If one of your lenses falls on the edge or outside of the Outex lens placement, use the camera/phone's settings to use alternative lenses, or push the lens towards the lens being used with your hands/fingers.

The Outex Phone universal design (Cover + Lens + Strap) is designed to fit most popular makes/models in the market and the 3 parts are modular, interchangeable (sold separately as well).  We will release additional sizes over time as /if manufacturers release new devices, and you can simply upgrade the cover and/or lens as needed over time. Like our camera products, the parts are backwards compatible and interchangeable.

Outex waterproof phone case 1

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