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Mathew Sutherland selects Outex for GH5 II Lumix Launch

The California Double shortfilm by Mathew Sutherland using Outex

Lumix ambassador Mathew Sutherland directed the short film "The California Double" to feature the benefits of Lumix's latest camera - the GH5 Mk II - at Lumix's request. The  short film follows a love story between two people surfing and snowboarding in Southern California on the same day.

This short interview is a supercut from the interview with Mathew Sutherland from Samys Camera. Watch the full interview here:


Film maker Mathew Sutherland using Outex for Lumix GH5 II launch 2

The film utilizes the natural beauty of the state as a challenging backdrop of rich dynamic range, deep colors tones, dark night scenes, and intensely bright environments - from white snowy slopes to green ocean waters and everything in between.

Film maker Mathew Sutherland using Outex for Lumix GH5 II launch

Mathew talks about using the Outex waterproof housing system as the only viable option in the planning stages, and how he ended up loving the system for its performance, versatility, and lightweight.


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