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San Diego Voyager Interviews Outex Underwater Housing Co-Founder JR deSouza

JR DeSouza using Outex

JR was an Olympic swimmer turned business man, who co-founded Outex in 2010 after securing a few patents for an invention to protect electronic gear in the water. Outex waterproof camera housing was founded with his cousin Roberto, a mechanical engineer whom, like JR was passionate about the outdoors, watersports, and travel. 

Outex provided a super high-quality way to capture their pictures in any environmental condition, even under water, in a lightweight, compact, travel friendly, and affordable package. Other underwater housings were big heavy cases that are rather cumbersome and impractical. Not to mention they are not modular at all. "Outex offers professional results and unique characteristics, such as glass-only ports, full operational control of any camera & lens, underwater tethering, and others."

JR moved to SoCal from Silicon Valley after being the original TiVo product manager and working in high tech to join Disney and then Dreamworks Animation, where he was head of International Licensing. He spent time working on the technology of media, then on content creation and distribution. He has always been passionate about storytelling, video, movies, and technology, and Outex grew as a business as a result. It continues to attract the attention and affection of cinematographers and photographers around the world, in the worlds of fashion, sports, adventure, travel, and even in the military. Outex has been to multiple duties in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Can you give our readers some background on your art?

  • Outex 
  • Patents 
  • Adventure Photography and Cinematography 

How do you think about success, as an artist, and what do quality do you feel is most helpful? 

  • Passion for what you do. 
  • Creativity. 
  • And a vision. 

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San Diego Voyager Interview With Outex Co-Founder JR DeSouza 2

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Phone: 8185837731 
Instagram: @realoutex 
Twitter: @OutexPhoto 


Photo Credit; Alex Voyer

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