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Swimmers use Outex underwater phone case to improve technique, reach their goals, or just have fun.

The Outex underwater phone system is a powerful tool for swimmers.  Use your phone underwater to improve technique, reach your goals, or just have fun.  

The Outex phone case is the perfect waterproof tool for swimmers and water sports. It’s faster, easier, and cheaper than action-cams, and delivers better imaging results. It works with the phone you already have safely underwater, and it’s compatible with all brands and models. There are no apps or downloads so you’re ready to edit and share immediately. The system installs in seconds and maintains control over your buttons and touchscreen. The Outex phone case borrows from the company’s 13+ year history, and its patented camera housing line to combine the best of both worlds, professional results, compatibility that protects your equipment, complete functional control, lightweight, compact design, and affordability.

Benefits include:

  • Compatibility with all camera phone brands and models (iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy, etc.).
  • Full button & touchscreen operational control.
  • Professional imaging results using optical lens ports and domes.
  • Adds no weight or bulk to your phone. Super travel friendly. Packs anywhere.
  • Upgradeable design for accessories like domes, tripods, lighting, selfie-sticks, triggers, etc.
  • Modular engineering allows you to add parts and components as needed, like a camera.
  • Cheaper, better, faster, easier than an action-cam.


    Advantages of the Outex Phone Case for Swimmers and Water Sports

    Phone Compatibility

    Outex case is compatible with all smart phone brands and models. Whether it’s an iPhone 12, 13Max, 14 Pro, a Google Pixel 7, or a Samsung Galaxy or Ultra, you don’t need different housings for different phones.  Everyone in your family or team can use the same case for any of their phones, or when they upgrade. The case also accommodate thousands of third-party accessories selfie-sticks, tripod mounts, lighting, remove triggers, external lenses, etc. There are no apps or downloads, so everyone can use it.


    Outex waterproof phone case is compatible with all phone brands, makes, and models

    Functional Control

    The patented case is malleable, flexible, elastic, and especially engineered to combine ruggedness and tactile sensitivity. The company’s 3rd generation cover technology is rugged enough to use in dirt, dust, mud, sand, and underwater – whether it’s in the desert heat or under ice in freezing waters. That durability is engineered for a tactile-rich feel that enables users to control the phone’s touchscreen when needed, as well as the side hard buttons underwater. The case’s chemistry and design changes thickness, strength, sensitivity, and durometer along different surfaces to optimize usability.


    waterproof phone case floating in a pool half underwater


    Professional Imaging Results

    Because Outex products are so lightweight, they offer optical glass lenses for high quality images. You’d be hard-pressed to find a superior alternative or better value. The Outex lens is also large enough to accommodate a variety of phone lens positions without limiting the line of view or vignetting your pictures. The case is engineered to hold it in place, optimizing imaging and preventing impact against the phone. 

    Phones use multiple lenses for different focal lengths, viewing angles, and zooming capabilities that action cams can’t match. They use fast evolving software to improve imaging options, editing, and sharing, and offer a wide array of 3rd party apps for superior end results – everything from high frame rate interpolation to slow motion capture.


    Model in swimsuit taking picture with his phone underwater using the Outex waterproof phone pro case


    Better, Faster, Easier, Cheaper than ActionCams

    While not intended to be used all the time, the Outex phone case is lightweight and easily transported. It packs anywhere and it is super travel friendly. You can install it in seconds and use it anywhere you want to go. No need to bring additional gear, batteries, cables, or memory cards.


    waterproof phone case tripod mounted to a bracket and underwater lights for submerged photography


    Compatible, Upgradeable Design

    Borrowing from its camera line, Outex phone products are modular and upgradeable. You can add or replace parts as needed over time. The phone dome lens is a good example. Used to correct underwater distortions that occur as light travels at different speeds in water vs. air, the Outex phone dome can be purchased as a kit – bundled – or as a part by itself. The phone case is compatible with all accessories over time.  The versatile design can be used with 3rd party accessories, from remote triggers to lights and tripod mounts. By adding accessories like the dome, you can expand your compatibility further.


    Outex phone cases; By Swimmers, for swimmers.

    Water sports like swimming, artistic/synchronized swimming, diving, water polo, triathlons, rowing, jet-skiing, kayaking, sailing, surfing, boarding, water-skiing, fishing, boating, etc., are perfect examples of the power video can bring into athletic performance.

    Split level half over half underwater photo of a swimmer used to analyze her stroke technique 

    Swimming is a sport that requires athletes to move through the water with utmost efficiency and speed. Hydrodynamics plays an important role in this, as it allows swimmers to reduce drag and improve their underwater performance. Swimmers and coaches can easily and quickly analyze stroke technique, turn dynamics, body position, start entry, and many other aspects of the sport in real time and on the spot.

    No need for expensive equipment and complicated apps that can break or become obsolete. Everyone is now empowered to have their own video tool. Resources like slow motion and replay let you analyze each component of your performance down to the frame-by-frame level. This allows swimmers to make quick adjustments on the spot and improve their performance much more efficiently than before. This technology also makes it easier for coaches to observe their athletes from a distance and provide valuable feedback without having to be present in person. Using underwater video for swim training is an invaluable tool for swimmers of all levels. Not only does it allow them to practice and improve their technique, but it also helps them track their progress over time, without impact or disruption to the overall team workout or schedule.


    Outex is great for swimmers - it was created by a swimmer. Outex is offering a 10% off discount to the SwimSwam community, which you can instantly redeem at during checkout. We ship worldwide and you select the timing and service preferred, automatically calculated based on your shopping cart and shipping address. The website is a one-stop-shop destination for all your underwater needs. You’ll find reviews, answers to frequently-asked-questions, and links to a worldwide community of users from the website’s menu. You can also use keyword search to find answers to questions.

    And it can also be Fun!

    Waterproof cases for camera phones are the perfect accessory for anyone who loves to take photos and videos in and around water. With a waterproof case, you can capture stunning underwater images and videos with ease, without worrying about your phone getting damaged.


    Outex underwater cases instagram feed picture showing user community pictures

    Protecting your phone from water damage is essential, especially when you consider how expensive phones are these days. Many smart phones claim some level of waterproofing or water resistance.  But those warrants are limited, as phones’ connectors and other openings that can expose to the elements – especially water. The seals that protect it usually deteriorate as the phone gets used, bumped, and dropped over time. A waterproof case for your camera phone can be a great way to make sure that it stays safe and dry in any environment.

    In addition to being a tool, the Outex phone cases can be fun. Boating trips, beach outings, fishing trips, or a pool party take on a new meaning when you can add underwater footage to your content creation repertoire. The phone pro kit makes for the perfect travel companion.

    Company background

    Co-Founded by an Olympic swimmer, Outex brings 13+ years of professional experience in the photographer and cinematographer market, producing a patented system of waterproof housings for cameras, lenses, lighting, triggers, tripods, accessories, and other imaging equipment. The LA-based company was founded in 2010. 

    SwimSwam Interview with co-founder JR deSouza

    Gold Medal Mel Stewart interviewed Outex's co-founder, JR deSouza for a SwimSwam Podcast. The two entrepreneurs were college teammates and Olympians. Watch the full interview here.JR competed internationally for Brazil. He is a two-time world-record holder, gold & bronze medalist at the ’93 World Championship in Palma de Mallorca, ’92 Olympic finalist, and SEC Collegiate conference champ. He attended The Bolles School and the University of Tennessee.

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