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Underwater Tethering at Sony Alpha 2018 Kando Event in Monterey, CA

Outex Waterproof Case Allows Underwater Tethering at Sony's 2018 Kando Professional Photography Event

Outex was invited to the Sony Kando 2.0 event in Monterey, CA to help professional photographer Daniel Woods demonstrate his underwater photography skills to other Sony Artisans, Sony Collective, and the media. During the demonstration, Daniel tethered his Sony camera using the Outex waterproof camera housing system tem to a pool-side large screen display to instantly showcase his work and provide immediate direction, tips, and tricks during his workshop, not only to models, but also the viewing audience.

Sony Kando 1
Sony Kando 2

Advantages of Underwater Tethering

Tethering allows a number of technical and practical advantages for photography in general, including increased image quality for external recording, faster feedback for those involved in a shoot, and reduced production costs.  Outex's patented cable adaptor technology is one of a few waterproof solutions that allows underwater tethering so professional photographers can take advantage of those benefits in any environmental condition, including underwater.
Sony Kando 3
Sony Kando 4
Sony Kando 6
Example results:
Underwater tethering image by Daniel Woods using Outex underwater housing system
Underwater tethering with Outex waterproof cases at Sony Kando event with Daniel Woods
Outex Cable Adaptor Rendering for Illustration purposes
It works with multiple cables.  For questions, contact Outex.
Underwater tethering Outex system
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