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Craig Coker

Craig Coker Outex underwater case ambassador 

While Craig may seem like a laid back introspective, his work tells a very different tale. Through the lens of his vision comes imagery that causes the casual passer-by to stop and stare. While Craig's recognition has taken several forms-from professional athlete, to the mind behind world class events, his greatest talent has been realized through photography. In maintaining his position on the cutting edge of new technology, he consistently finds unusual and spectacular ways to showcase his perspectives.

Outex housing ambassador Craig Coker

We originally worked with Craig at Sony's Kando 3.0 event in Bend, OR in 2019, where Craig help us create Rain Shoot and Underwater content for a few of our activities at the event.

Outex housing ambassador Craig Coker at Kando

Craig does a lot of work for Tesla, and is at the forefront of drone and aerial photography as well.

Craig is involved with a number of amphibious projects, and is based in San Diego, CA when he's not traveling the world.

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