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Eric Barnabe

Eric Barnabe is a freelance editorial and commercial photographer based in the South of France. He has become one of the leading authorities for sports, events, wedding, and luxury commercial photography in the French Riviera, from the Alps of France to the Mediterranean islands, and is part of "Ambassadeur Cote dAzur France".

Mon Sport interviews Eric about his work underwater, and highlights some of his favorite attributes of the Outex waterproof camera cases for Mirrorless, DSLR, and other removable-lens cameras. Max of Mon Sport covers sports and travel. 
Eric Barnabe using Outex waterproof housing system in the ocean
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As a passionate Sports and Nature professional, his work as a photographer has always led him into the Wild and Underwater worlds.
From Normandy in France, to Wallis and Futuna in the south Pacific and today in Nice, he cannot live and work far from the sea.  And his portfolio is a beautiful collage of sporting events, luxury cars, majestic landscapes, breath-taking scenery, and crystal clear waters.
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