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Jake Kelsick


My name is Jake Kelsick and I am Professional Kiteboarder and Content Creator from a small island in the Caribbean called Antigua. Welcome to my world of waking up everyday and doing what you love. I have been kiteboarding for half my life and it has been an incredible journey. It has allowed me to travel to places that I never even knew existed, it has also allowed me to spend a lot of time on myself, really fine tuning my life to be and feel how I want it. Getting exposed to a life of freedom has morphed me into a full time freedom junkie. This is where I show and share my story.

My main focus for many years has been documenting my adventure as a Pro Athlete. The goal has always been to produce content that catches the eye of everyone, from someone who knows nothing about the sport to the hardcore kite fan. Along side creating content I have also been coaching for many years, and I recently started offering services as “The Kite Guy” which is tailored to people who want to have the best kite experience possible.

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