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Kristiana Sherk

For years, Kristina Sherk has been a retoucher and Photoshop educator based out of Washington, D.C. She loves “translating Photoshop” for photographers and subsequently, has spoken at CreativeLive, Photoshop World, KelbyOne, Adobe, Canon, LinkedIn Learning, ImagingUSA and WPPI. She’s also a contributing author for educational publications like Shutter Magazine, Photoshop User Magazine and Lightroom Magazine.

Outex underwater housing ambassador Kristina Sherk (Shark Pixel)

Her name has grown to become synonymous with the term Washington DC Headshots. Starting off in performing, modeling, and theater (many years ago), also allowed her to experience the headshot session from the client’s perspective. This allowed her to note the things she liked and didn’t like about the headshot process and she set out to create the most enjoyable headshot experience for her clients

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Outex underwater housing ambassador and model Kristina Sherk

She is also the author behind three, newly released KelbyOne classes and Photoshop Café’s Fashion Retouching DVD. Check out her store for free Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions:

Outex ambassador Kristina Sherk Underwater mermaid

Kristina began swimming at an early age, and was also a dancer, before becoming a model, and renewed underwater mermaid model.  FStoppers wrote a feature about her early modeling, teaching, and retouching work for photographer Chris Crumley back in 2016.

Since then she's been breaking boundaries in underwater photography on her own right all over the world.  Visit some of her work on her Instagram page under @shark_pixel.


Reflective Magic with Kristina Sherk for Outex

Reflective Magic by Kristina Sherk for Outex

BTS image by Robert Minnick (@waybeyondproductions) 

We got together with Kristina in Las Vegas, NV during a photo event for a mermaid photoshoot in 2019 and she helped us put together an installation video for the Outex Pro Kit.

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