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Resonate Media House is a team of professional freelance videographers in Dubai geared towards delivering high quality visual content at an affordable rate. We create video which helps build brand identity, increase awareness of your products & services, and boost engagement, fundamentally adding value to your business.

We are a small but close-knit group of creative artists who believe in the power of video to help you tell your story.
Our role as visual storytellers is to help conceptualise & create content that resonates with your target audience.

Lewis Deaves started Resonate Media in Dubai, creating imaging content for a number of Internation kitesurfing brand and commercial yacht companies.  He drew on his drone piloting and filming experience to differentiate his visuals from the crowd and establish Resonate as a leading media provider in the region.

Lew has since added to the Resonate team with a number of professional in videography, computer graphics, animation, narration, camera operators, drone specialists, sound engineers, web developers, and marketing strategists. 

Professional photographer Lewis Deaves for Outex waterproof cases

Photographer Lewis Deaves of Resonatemediahouse using Outex waterproof case for kitesurfing photography session

Lew started using the Outex waterproof cases given the adverse conditions in which he creates.  Whether it's a sandy motocross race in the desert dunes or a kitesurfing commercial in the waters of the Persian Gulf, Resonate relies on Outex to create jaw-dropping content that delivers results.  Check out their work and review on their website


 Resonate Media Reel 2023

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