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Thibault Poinas

Thibault Poinas

Photographer and producer Thibault Poinas was recently commissioned by Fujifilm to create content for the launch of the GFX100 II to document the camera's capabilities as an imaging tool. Thibault is an adventurer, and chose canyoning as the backdrop for the project.

Thibault & Remi chose the Outex underwater housing system as the best solution for the challenge for a number of reasons. The optical glass ports deliver uncompromising imaging quality. The universally compatible covers fit most cameras, whether they are DSLR, Mirrorless, Film, Video, Medium Format, etc. The modular design accommodates multiple lenses, tripod mounts, triggers, lighting, tethering, and more. And the lightweight, compact form factor adds virtually no weight or bulk to the travel load.


Fujifilm ambassador Thibault Poinas using Outex waterproof housing on Fuji GFX cameras


Thibault's Personal Biography

I've always had three great passions: science, images and adventure. Thinking that studies were the only way forward, I opted for the sciences.

I didn't want to specialise in any one field, so I did a lot of switching between the universities of Nice and Montpellier, doing L1 in plant biology, L2 in animal biology and L3 in geoscience.

Then, with the aim of combining my passion for adventure with the sciences, I did a Masters in hydrogeology so that I could work in a research lab on mountain-related subjects.

At the end of my Masters, I set up a thesis project on the melting of the Permafrost in the Alps, with a lab near Chambéry. However, Covid fell through at that time and the project was postponed until the following year. A year later, we couldn't find any more funding, I was doing one odd job after another and I despaired.

In addition to all that, I'd been producing images for years and I got noticed by a communications manager who asked me to make a documentary about the history of an old silver-lead mine. It was then, as I walked through the narrow passages of this old mine with my camera and an archaeologist who told me the history of the place, that I realised that I could make a living from my 3 passions. And without specialising in one niche: thanks to video. So I set up my own business at that point and threw myself into the void.

Since then, I've had the opportunity to immortalise some fantastic projects, filming paintings over 15,000 years old, the largest well in France, the most beautiful canyons in the Vercors, an endangered glacier and those famous dinosaur footprints over 160 million years old.

I'm learning as I go along. And maybe one day I'll make some great documentaries, with beautiful images, popular science and adventure.


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