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TPS Photographer is a group of professional, certified photographers from Morganton, NC that specializes in portraiture, sports, and family work.  They've used Outex cases for years to help differentiate their work, and create unique, memorable shots their customers love.  Chris Garner, Cathy Anderson, and Ben Earp form the artistic team at TPS Photography. Our studio is located in Morganton, NC in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the only studio in the country which offers three Certified Professional Photographers under one roof. Why is that important? There are only 5,000 Certified Professional Photographers in the world. This means that we are internationally certified and had to pass a rigorous testing procedure that is equivalent to a lawyer passing the bar exam. We are all very passionate about the art of photography, which is illustrated clearly in our work. Collectively, we have nearly four decades of professional photographic experience.

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Photography runs in our blood. Chris learned everything he knows about printing and portraiture from his dad, and is actually a third-generation photographer. His grandfather, Ben Williams, and his father, Gary Garner, founded Garner-Williams studio, formerly in downtown Morganton and our current studio's predecessor. From the early days in a print lab in Morganton, to the classically modern portrait studio of today, Chris has built a rock-solid, client-driven studio focused on customer service. With nearly two decades of experience, his business expertise and desire to craft timeless heirlooms create a winning solution for a thriving portrait studio.

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Cathy Anderson is a second-generation photographer and educator based in North Carolina.  She earned her Certified Professional Photographer, Master Photographer, and Photographic Craftsman degrees from Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and her award-winning work has been featured in national news media, magazines, art galleries, and the PPA Loan Collection.  She is a speaker and educator who has taught at regional, state, and national conferences, including Shutterfest, SYNC, Canon Corporation, and Imaging USA.  Her photographic specialties include adventure, extreme sports, and landscape photography, “sportraits," in-camera artistry, and dynamic lighting.  She enjoys photographing anything that involves an adventure, travelling and exploring the world, and all things neon.  Her big personality doesn't like to play by the rules and she loves to have fun both behind the camera and with her clients, busting outdated ideas about what it means to create a portrait.

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We bring a modern, yet classic feel to every image that we create, guaranteeing that your family heirlooms will always remain timeless. We love to travel and have photographed families and groups all over the United States. All of our custom portraits are printed at our in-house print lab to make sure your piece of photographic art has an extra dimension of perfection. From the creation of the portrait to the final print, we believe in handling the entire process to make sure that each step of the way is perfect.

Split level half over half underwater fishing photo of a high school senior at a river in North Carolina by photographer Cathy Anderson of TPS using Outex underwater housing system for her Canon and Tampon camera gear

TPS PHOTOGRAPHY (portraiture):

PHONE: (828) 433-0111


CATHY ANDERSON PHOTOGRAPHY (nature and adventure photography):

PHONE: (828) 443-8731



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