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German Photographer Marc Weiler Reviews Outex Underwater Housing System


Renowned German photographer Marc Weiler talks about Outex.

Outex Delivers professional results like a $2,500+ housing But it’s lightweight, compact, and affordable. So whether you’re a dedicated underwater photographer like me, or a wedding, landscape, sports, adventure, or travel photographer you can expand your capabilities and deliver some really unique, creative perspectives and photos that differentiate your work from anybody else. The modular design means I can use the same housing with multiple lenses, and even different cameras. My investment is protected over time and I can upgrade components without having to purchase a whole new housing


Why I like it


Outex uses glass instead of acrylic, so my pictures are super high quality I can access all of the controls on my camera and lenses I need to. Outex fits in my existing camera bag so I don’t need an extra carrying case for it. I love the modular parts, like the dome for split level photography, and the tripod for time-lapse can be used when I need them, but not in my way when I don’t. It’s affordable. My original kit was U$350 f. Their customer service is always prompt and diligent.



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