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PhotoRec TV Outex Review—Underwater Camera Housing That's Perfect for Travel

Toby Gelston of PhotoRec TV reviews the Outex underwater housing system.  Toby is a self described photo geek living in Seattle, Washington.  He's always enjoyed photography, and bought his first film (SLR) in college with a goal of documenting his travels and collecting images to support his science teachings.  He made a switch to digital in 2001 and picked up a DSLR in 2005.  And he's been reviewing and collecting camera wisdom along the way.  In 2014 Toby connected with the McKay Photography Academy to share his passion and knowledge, and today makes a living providing advice and recommendations to enthusiasts and professionals around the world.  

In this educational, entertaining review, Toby reviews the Outex waterproof system after using it for about 6 months in multiple environmental conditions.  Check it out.

Toby from PhotorecTV reviews the Outex waterproof system

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